Hi friends,

The following are crossword puzzles that I created, published in various places.

If you like them, why not send me an email: crosswords@curtisyee.com

New York Time

Jun-12-2006 (pdf)

Los Angeles Times

Oct-10-2005 (pdf)

Oct-25-2005 (pdf)

Dec-13-2005 (pdf)

Jan-09-2006 (pdf)

Jan-24-2006 (pdf)

Mar-29-2006 (pdf)

Jun-30-2006 (pdf)


New York Sun

Dec-12-2005 - One-Two Three (pdf)

Jan-09-2006 - Obvious Choices (pdf)

Mar-22-2006 - Two-point Conversions (pdf)

Jun-20-2006 - Books and Letters (pdf)

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Feb-03-2006 - Lettered Men (pdf)



You can download Across Lite, a program to read crossword puzzle files.